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Dylan de Lange is working as an intensivist at the Intensive Care department of the University Medical Center, Utrecht, the Netherlands. This is a mixed medical, (cardio)surgical, trauma, transplantation, and ECMO center receiving over 2200 admissions annually. The research of our department focusses on (long-term) outcomes of critical illnesses and particularly sepsis. My personal interests are directed towards “improving outcome and individualizing antimicrobial treatment by optimizing pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in critically ill patients”.
Antibiotic resistance is looming and shortening antibiotic treatment (or rather: individualizing antibiotic treatment duration) might prevent further selection of resistance. We participated in a multicenter, randomized trial which aimed to shorten the duration of antimicrobial therapy in critically ill patients. The results of this “Stop Andtibiotics on Procalcitonin guidance Study” (SAPS) will be discussed in this presentation. Clearly, biomarkers add in the individualization of antibiotic treatment and hereby improve outcome.