Who am I?
My name is Melissa Mead, I am 29 and I live in the UK.

Why am I involved with sepsis?
Well, I have been touched in very real terms by sepsis. In December 2014 my 12 month old baby boy William, succumbed to sepsis at home. I did not know what sepsis was, and consequently I did not know the symptoms William was displaying were that of the deadly condition.

If it is possible to make losing a child any worse, it was when we were told William's death was avoidable and also how common the condition is.

Since losing William I have thrown myself and my grief into a constructive and positive campaign to raise awareness amongst the public to try and mitigate the chances of this happening to others. We found out what sepsis was in the worst circumstances, and sadly those primary carers we encountered in the days and hours leading to Williams death were not thinking sepsis either. So, as William's mummy I will endeavor to create a legacy worthy of my son and one that we can be proud of.