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Giulio Toccafondi is the Patient Safety and Quality Manger at the GRC Clinical Risk Management center of Tuscany Region. He co-chairs the healthcare ergonomics technical committee of the International Ergonomics Association. Giulio developed a multifaceted skill-set for  improving patient safety in  healthcare activities. He holds a PhD in Human Factors, a degree in Media Science, Interaction Design and Cognitive Ergonomics. He became passionate about user studies, creative processes  and qualitative research; a set of competences he uses to involve healthcare practitioners in the analysis and improvement of health care processes. As an adjunct professor at University of Siena he applied the interaction design cycle to workplace learning. He used this expertise to design the patient safety interactive learning tools for the healthcare workers of the Tuscan health care system. He managed and contributed to EU funded research projects - such as the Handover Collaborative. He scaled up the expertise in ergonomics and communication to the organization of the GRC campaign on the handover patient safety practice. He is now adopting the human factors approach in order to engage the healthcare workers in improving the system response to the identification and treatment of sepsis.