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Arne Trumann, father of three children, suffered a septic shock in Feb. 2012 at the age of 44. The first doctor who was called for aid did not even recognize Sepsis because he simply was not aware about the serious situation. He
left Arne Trumann without having done any specifc examination or treatment.
The second doctor who was called 15 minutes later arrived with the ambulance and was immediatley in the right picture of the situation. That was the reason why Arne Trumann could survive the septic shock. After 4 weeks in an artificial coma, losing seven finger cups and a 9- month rehabilitation program, he could go on living his old life. He went back to work as project manager at a German Industry Company and was going on playing piano, his big passion and source of energy. This experience was the reason why Arne Trumann started to be a member of our campagne to make Sepsis more and more known. Not only in the public but also in the world of health care.