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Giorgio Tulli was born in Rome in 1946 and graduated in Medicine with first class honours at University la Sapienza (Rome) (1971); he specialized in Anaesthesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care at University of Siena (1975). He worked as an anaesthesiologist and intensivist in Arezzo General Hospital ( Tuscany) and become Director of Anaesthesia and ICU Clinical Unit  in Massa Carrara General Hospital (Tuscany) in 1987 and then in Empoli General Hospital (Tuscany).  

In 1992 he became Director of Anaesthesia/ICU Clinical Unit in General Hospital San Giovanni di Dio in Florence and, for 5 years (from 2008 to 2012), Director of the Department of ICUs and Perioperative Medicine of all the Hospitals of Florence Metropolitan Area (San Giovanni di Dio Hospital, Santa Maria Nuova Hospital, Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital, Serristori Hospital and Tuscan Orthopaedic Institute).

From 2013, he is retired, but, for the long clinical experience in Critical Care Medicine, he entered into a contract with Agenzia Regionale di Sanità Toscana (ARS Toscana – Regional Healthcare Agency) and Tuscany Clinical Risk Group (GRC Toscana). In collaboration with ARS, he is publishing and developing a web Journal: Infezioni Obiettivo Zero (IOZ Journal- www.ars.toscana.it), in collaboration with GRC, he is actually involved in many project regarding Sepsis, Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock and infections.

Doctor Giorgio Tulli had many clinical experiences in Europe and in US, published 65 papers reviewed in Pub Med and many chapters in Critical Care Medicine books, and translations.

Doctor Giorgio Tulli joined in many international trials on sepsis and researches in other topics in Critical Care Medicine.

He is actually a member of Italian, European and American Society of Critical Care Medicine.

He actually lives in Florence with his wife Federica, pathologist.  His only son Marco, psychotherapist, lives in Arezzo with his wife Annalisa sociologist and his son Matteo 8 years old.