Jean-Marc Cavaillon


Jean-Marc Cavaillon got his Doctorat-ès-Sciences in 1980 (University of Paris VI). After completing his post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto, he joined the Institut Pasteur (Paris), where he is professor and co-director of the course “Innate Immunity and infectious Diseases”. He has been the President of the "International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society" (1998-2000), and the president of the “European Shock Society” (2015-2017). He is member of the Editorial Boards of few journals (incl. “Innate Immunity”, “Journal of Infectious Diseases”, “International Journal of Inflammation”, “Scientific Reports”, “Frontiers in Immunology”), and is currently Senior Associate-Editor (Europe) of “Shock”. Jean-Marc Cavaillon’s researches focused on inflammation and innate immunity, particularly on cytokines, bacterial endotoxins, leukocyte reprogramming, monocytes/macrophages, and sepsis. Jean-Marc Cavaillon has published 164 scientific articles, 96 reviews and 54 chapters in books on infection, innate immunity and sepsis (h-index = 56). He wrote the very first book in French on “Cytokines” (1993,1996). His last book “Inflammation. From molecular to cellular mechanisms to the clinic” (4 volumes,  2018) has been co-edited with Mervyn Singer.