Daniela de Souza

Daniela Souza is a pediatric intensivist in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She obtained her medical degree from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil), in 1995. She moved to Sao Paulo to start a fellowship both in pediatric and pediatric intensive care at the University of Sao Paulo, where she pursued both her masters and doctorate degrees. During her masters she evaluated the structure and quality of pediatric intensive care units in Sao Paulo and proposed a re-structuring of the PICU system. Her PhD thesis focused on epidemiology of pediatric sepsis in Latin America. During the process, she started studying sepsis and the burden of the disease in the childhood phase. Now, she works as a pediatric intensivist at the University of Sao Paulo and Hospital Sírio Libanês in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In both PICUs, she works as medical assistant, professor and researcher. Daniela joined the Latin-American Sepsis Institute (LASI) as a member of the scientific committee of the Fórum Sepse since 2016. At this institute, she works to develop and promote quality improvement pediatric sepsis’ protocols as well to bring awareness of the syndrome in Brazil and Latin America. Currently, Daniela is engaged in studies whose main goal is to deepen knowledge in pediatric and neonatal sepsis in Brazil.