Elkhatim Elyas Mohamed

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Dr. Elkhatim Elyas Mohamed is a consultant chest physician in Sudan, a known national figure, and campaigner and advocate for quality in healthcare. One of his main interests is quality in healthcare and patient safety; he is currently an advisor to the Sudan Medical Counsel, chairing the committee for monitoring the compliance of healthcare organizations with national standards, as well chairing the committee of patient safety. He is co-chair of the expert infection control committee and the antimicrobial policy committee of the Ministry of Health Khartoum State, which developed the two key documents for infection control and antimicrobial policy.

He was a former director of the quality directorate Federal Ministry of Health Sudan. He collaborated and contributed in several WHO activities and workshops, was the chief editor of many quality documents, most important of which was the first infection control manual in Sudan in 2009 which was disseminated to all health regions. After that, he became vice-chair of the committee who reviewed and updated the infection control manual in 2015.

Dr. Elkhatim is an active campaigner, trainer and actor for institutionalization of infection control programs in healthcare organizations, as well as antimicrobial stewardship and consequently prevention, diagnosis, and management of sepsis. Despite all those concerns and efforts, he has recently been a victim of sepsis himself…