Pierre-Francois Laterre


Pierre Laterre is Chief of the Intensive Care Service at Saint-Luc University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium.

His research interests centre on the management of severe sepsis and septic shock, ARDS but also severe pancreatitis and liver failure.

He is a member of many national and international societies including the Belgian Intensive Care Society, the European Intensive Care Society, the Belgian Society of Infectology, the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the Belgian Society of Clinical Nutrition. He is a member of the scientific commission of the French Society of CCM.

Dr Laterre is the author of over 180 papers. He is reviewer in Critical Care medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, Critical Care, European Respiratory Journal, Shock, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care medicine, American Journal of Infectious Diseases, European J. Internal Medicine, Cytokines. He is a member of BMC Infectious Diseases editorial board.