Idelette Nutma-Bade

Having suffered from a septic shock herself, Idelette Nutma, former nurse, has devoted her energies to improving aftercare and raising the alarm on sepsis. In 2012, she published the book ‘Septische shock’ (Septic shock) and released the website ‘Sepsis en daarna’ (including an English Page).
Apart from giving information and guidance, as seen from the patient’s perspective, Idelette Nutma gives lectures and hosts workshops. Furthermore, she is co-founder of the Dutch website and member of the Family and patient Centered Intensive Care foundation. In September 2016, her book 'Sepsis and Afterwards' was  released. In September 2017, her article ‘The hidden faces of sepsis, what do they tell us’ was published in ICU Management and Practice. In the same month, she launched the petition ‘SOS voor sepsis’ (SOS for sepsis), that was offered to the House of Representatives on January 23rd in the presence of a group of  former sepsis patients and Prof. Dr. Peter Pickkers. A reply on substance by the Minister of Health is expected by the end of March 2018. For details on the petition: