Didier Payen

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Didier Payen de la Garanderie, Professor and head of Department of Anesthesia – Critical Care at the Lariboisière University hospital in Paris, program manager of resuscitation research and experimental laboratory as a member of UMR INSERM 1160 at University Paris 7. MD thesis was obtained at the University of Nantes in 1982 and the Ph D thesis 1988 at the University Paris 5. Assistant professor in medical ICU at the Hospital Henri Mondor-Université Paris 12. Named Professor of Anesthesia & Surgical Critical Care at the University Paris 7 in 1989; Promoted to the “exceptional class” in 2003. Appointed at the position of Chief of Department of Anesthesia – Critical Care at Lariboisière hospital in 1995 until now. ; appointed Chief of visitor services and emergencies of the Lariboisière hospital for 2 years. 1999-2003: Professor of Anesthesia & Critical Care at McGill University in Montréal, CA. Chairman of Emergency Department at Lariboisière hospital 2003-2005; 2014-1015 t: Chairman of the University Department of Nursing Science in Paris 7 University. Factor H Research performance 48.40; 347 publications including 87% in English in journals with peer review. Reviewers for AJRCCM, CCM, CCare, Chest, JAMA, Shock, JCI, The Lancet... Holder and author in collaboration of 7 patents. National principal investigator for several clinical trials: ADDRESS (2003-2004); ACCESS (2007-2012), PROWESS-SHOCK (2007-2011); ABDOMIX (2009-2015); IL-7 in immunosuppression Syndrome (2013 - date)