Greeting from Jens Spahn – Federal Minister of Health, Germany

BMG/Maximilian König

BMG/Maximilian König

A risk for patients worldwide, sepsis often goes undiagnosed and underestimated. Therefore, I am all the more grateful to the participants of the 2nd World Sepsis Congress for their interest and their commitment to broaden the knowledge of how to prevent and control sepsis and raise public awareness of this condition. Germany's initiative last year having succeeded in getting the Resolution on Sepsis adopted in the World Health Assembly, the task on our hands now is to build concrete capacities in the Member States' national health systems to perceptibly bring down mortality from sepsis.

A serious problem is the waning efficacy of antibiotics that have so far been used to great effect. In countries with high birth rates and relatively low care standards, antimicrobial resistance – a daunting challenge even for our efficient German healthcare system – has dramatic consequences, for instance for new born infants with sepsis. This is why Germany has leveraged the G7 and G20 Presidencies to further expand global activities to control AMR. In this context, we specifically support the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP), that has set up a dedicated programme to research and develop new treatment regimens for neonatal sepsis.

Only a strong World Health Organization (WHO) can effectively play a key role in global health tasks such as building efficient health systems and successful sepsis control. This is why Germany has again raised our financial support to WHO in the 2018 Federal Budget. On top of our regular annual contribution as the fourth-largest contributor internationally, we additionally make a major voluntary contribution to WHO in the amount of currently 45 million Euro.

I am convinced that the 2018 World Sepsis Congress will provide valuable impetus and inspiration for targeted improvements to global sepsis prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


Jens Spahn
Federal Minister of Health, Member of the German Bundestag
Federal Republic of Germany