Hallie Prescott


Hallie Prescott is an ICU doctor and researcher at the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor VA Hospital in the United States. Her research focuses on sepsis survivorship. Specifically, she studies how sepsis fits into patients’ longitudinal physiologic and chronic disease trajectories, and develops tools to reduce post-sepsis morbidity. Dr. Prescott’s research has examined healthcare use following sepsis and shown a substantial increase in the proportion of days alive spent in healthcare facilities among sepsis survivors. In a follow-up study, she examined the causes of this increased healthcare use and found that approximately 40% of hospital readmissions are potentially preventable. She also found that hospitalizations with likely microbiome perturbation predispose patients to subsequent sepsis. More recently, she showed that sepsis survivors face substantial risk for late mortality. Many sepsis survivors die following hospital readmissions for infections, suggesting that post-sepsis immune-suppression is an enduring problem that contributes to late sepsis-related deaths. Taken together, Dr. Prescott’s studies have highlighted the role of specific treatable medical conditions in driving post-sepsis morbidity.