The 2nd World Sepsis Congress will be held on September 5th and 6th, 2018 - free of charge and completely online, so you can participate from wherever you have an internet connection. Over the course of 17 sessions, more than 100 speakers from 30 countries will discuss all aspects of sepsis and its wide-ranging consequences. Read the welcome message from the program chairs.

World Sepsis Congress is a free online congress bringing knowledge about sepsis to all parts of the world, hosted by the Global Sepsis Alliance, initiator of World Sepsis Day, which is on September 13th every year.


The 1st World Sepsis Congress was held in September 2016. Over the course of two days and 13 sessions, 75 speakers spoke on various topics of sepsis.

In September 2017, the GSA joined forces with the WHO and brought you the ‘WSC Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis’.
The WSC Spotlight is a smaller satellite congress of the 'World Sepsis Congress' - series, focused on one particular aspect of sepsis. 

All talks of the 1st WSC and the WSC Spotlight are freely available to view on our YouTube Channel and on Apple Podcasts:

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To support this free online congress, please donate and sign the World Sepsis Declaration.