The 3rd World Sepsis Congress will return in September 2020.
In early 2020, the GSA will host a WSC Spotlight…

The 2nd World Sepsis Congress has concluded - thank you all so much for joining and supporting the Global Sepsis Alliance in its fight against sepsis.

All talks were recorded and are available to view on our YouTube Channel and on Apple Podcasts.

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The 2nd World Sepsis Congress was held on September 5th and 6th, 2018 - free of charge and completely online, enabling participation from all over the world. Over the course of 17 sessions, more than 100 speakers from 30 countries discussed all aspects of sepsis and its wide-ranging consequences.

Greeting from Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Health, Germany

BMG/Maximilian König

BMG/Maximilian König

A risk for patients worldwide, sepsis often goes undiagnosed and underestimated. Therefore, I am all the more grateful to the participants of the 2nd World Sepsis Congress for their interest and their commitment to broaden the knowledge of how to prevent and control sepsis and raise public awareness of this condition...

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