Marc Ziegenfuss

Ziegenfuss Picture.jpg

Marc Ziegenfuss is currently the President of the Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) and Director of Intensive Care at the the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. Trained in South Africa, England and Australia, his interest in Sepsis started with the emergence of HIV in the 1980's and the countless cases of MTB and MDRTB he attended to as a thoracic Surgeon. Seeing the extreme scope of presentation and management of Sepsis in resource poor and affluent countries, he very much believes in his mantra of 'getting the Basics right'. He firmly believes that the sharing of knowledge and expertise globally, followed by the generation and provision of appropriate resources are paramount in mankind's attempts to reduce the burden of Sepsis. 'The GSA is the ideal conduit for this challenge'.

"It always seems impossible - until it is done" - Nelson Mandela